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★ tamayoke ★ the Setsuna/Tieria fan community

» There is a blind spot for touch... «

★ tamayoke ★ the Setsuna/Tieria fan community
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All Members , Moderated
★ r u l e s ★

× Have an interest in Setsuna/Tieria/Setsuna

× If you post here, make sure SetsuTie or TieSetsu is a central element

× Put any large images and all fanfiction under a cut; previews are premitted, however. Please lock all downloads.

× Please tag your entry; since the comm has only started out, the mod can tag whatever is needed other than the few available right now

× The journal header is by osaka-neechan, whilst the profile header is by nightcoffeebean, modified by osaka-neechan; the layout is modified from passing-girl

× Don't be rude, and enjoy
☆ ♥♥♥ ☆

If you use any of these on your profile, please don't hotlink; put it on your own image host.

★ l i n k s ★
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