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Hey there!

I just joined the other day, as remembrancer19 was kind enough to point me in the direction of this comm. I sifted through the front page, and there doesn't appear to be any rules against this sort of thing, so I thought I might toss out a few questions to anyone inclined to answer them, inspired by another small comm I've been in where each new member was encouraged to answer a few questions about the topic of the community. So, here goes:

1. Why do you like Setsuna and Tieria together? What drew you in?

2. Do you prefer for it to happen during s1, s2, or post-canon? Why?

3. Do you have a preference in the whole Tieria/gender-thing? Male/female/ken doll/something else? And if going by the yaoi preference: who tops? Do you care?

And yes, I will answer my own questions, although not tonight, it's getting late.
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All right, I promised I'd answer my own questions, so I will. :)

1. The first thing I considered pairing them up was when they pointed their guns at each other on that beach, in s1. Then I thought "rhwarr!". But then it was just one pairing out of many. It becoming the favourite one kind of snuck up on me and what sealed that deal was the innovator-thing. It's something they have in common, after all, and it occurred to me that it's not just the psychic skills they have in common: it's that they've both ended up in between two worlds, sort of. Setsuna was born human but has become something else and is trying to make sense of it, trying to find his new place in the world, whereas Tieria is not human, but would like to be.

2. Any time is good for me, but I would probably place in in s2 or post-canon - the latter based on the asumption that Tieria gets a new body. During s1, they're still rivals of sort and hate sex, or hurt/comfort sex is the most that I can reasonably argue would happen at that point - although I'm all for such fics taking place during s2. It's not that I mind that they're young, although frankly, Setsuna is even hotter as a grown-up. =)

3. I very much prefer for Tieria to be male, mainly because of the yaoi thing, obviously. I usually don't go for the female-looking uke-type, but Tieria is hardly the classic version of this, either. His snarkiness makes the moments of insecurity cute, as compared to how disgustingly sugar-y sweet I'd have found them otherwise, and the innovator-issue makes the gender-bender thing legit, instead of just unmotivated fanservice. Because he isn't human, it could of course also be interesting if Tieria is truly genderless, as that doesn't preclude falling in love - and what would they do? I doubt that Setsuna would agree to give up on sex for the rest of their time together. Interesting dilemma. Would Setsuna go out and hook up with other people with Tieria's mind linked to his, so that Tieria could be a voyeur? Would Tieria say "I want to do it for you, even if it doesn't do anything for me" and if so, would Setsuna agree? Would it be enough? Ah, lovely, angsty questions.
Hi, I'm new too. Alright i'll answer.

(1) The reason i like them together is because i see their personalities matching and since s2 when tieria was killed/disembodied, i saw a connection between them that i loved and they have a lot of things in common.

(2) I prefer both s1 and s2 mostly because i liked both things between them, i liked how Tieria personality developed more(in my view) and i could understand them both better. I saw them in a different situation that it soon made since for them to be together.

(3) I prefer Tieria male because well he is male except for that crossdressing them with ribbon even though he was pretty in that dress. In my yaoi preference i think of it as Setsuna x Tieria(uke Tieria). Setsuna has a handle on more things and can deal with his emotions alot easier than Tieria and so i can see him pursuing a relationship with him and being more assertive.

I don't know how to put my opinion in words unless i write it down on paper first which needs to happen. I'll vevamp this when i have time to think it over more.
What is it that they have in common that you see, besides the innovator/innovado-thing, and both being gundam meisters? Not that those aren't two big things to have in common, I just mean as opposed to how much Setsuna and Allelujah have in common, or some other pairing one could construct.

The greatest thing they have in common in my mind is that no other characters in the show undergo as much transformation as the two of them does during the show. They grow in strength, compassion an wisdom. Whereas Louise, for example, headed into a downward spiral instead and Graham never found any real resolution to his issues. Not that Setsuna really had a resolution either at the end, but it feels more like he's accepted what he's becoming, that he's willingly delving into the future. That makes them interesting both together and each on their own, I think.